About Mobile SMS Gateway

Free SMS Gateway simply create your phone sms gateway.

What is Mobile SMS Geteway

Mobile SMS is an android SMS gateway that can help you to create your own SMS gateway using your Android mobile Phone. Just create an account and Download Android APK and install APK in your Android phone. After that Login on your account and go to Add Devices. And connect your android phone using QR code. Thats Fine.As your phone connected with online portal.

There are some aspects that make Mobile SMS Gateway
  • You can send and Receive SMS from your portal also via API
  • SMS will be sent by your mobile phone
  • an easy way to create you own Online SMS gateway.
  • It is a secure solution
  • You can Resel it also
  • can be able to connect unlimited Devices
  • You can reach millions of new customers.

Mobile SMS Gateway Features

Mobile SMS Gateway portal is packed with great features that provide maximum ease, accessibility and efficiency and helps you manage things effortlessly

Web Portal

Online Web Portal for Sending and Receiving SMS. and OnLine Delivery report. Contact group managment and Bulk SMS Marketing using SMS to file feature.

Free API Docomentation

HTTP API available for Sending and Receiving SMS, API can be integrated with All Softwares like DMA SOftlab Radius Manage, Smart School,Woocommerce and Others.

Receive SMS

Received your mobile incoming SMS on SMS Zita SMS panel and Use into you application via API. It can be used for Verification systems Like OTPs. API code available.

Auto Responder

Online Auto Responder will automatically respond to your incoming SMS. Responder will send Auto reply to your clients. helpful for auto chat with customers.

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Frequently Asked Queries

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No message will received from your own Sim Number.

No, using Mobile SMS gateway your sim sms package will be used.